Carrington Estate

  • Location: Manchester
  • Acquired: 1,665 acres in 2013
  • Bought for: £30 million
  • Investment to date: £80 million


Carrington Estate is an integral part of New Carrington, a draft allocation in the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Places for Everyone. This complex site is one of the UK’s largest regeneration schemes and includes land formerly used as a petrochemical plant, agricultural land and previously developed land.

We will deliver an ambitious phased delivery plan over the next 15 years.


Enriching people, the environment and the economy

  • Transforming a complex site into an inspiring place to live and work
  • Establishing a greener infrastructure
  • Embracing sustainable technology
  • Working towards achieving carbon net zero
  • Stimulating economic growth and employment opportunities
  • Benefitting neighbouring Carrington, Partington and Sale West
An important location for the future of Trafford as the single largest regeneration scheme in the North West
Jack Brister Wain Estates, Managing Director of Development

Our Contribution

2,900 new homes - 597 started in Carrington Village
3.5m sq ft employment space - 210,000 sq ft delivered and let, in Carrington Village
100 acres of open storage
40% maintained as green space
3 new village centres