Our People

We are keen to bring consistent cultural standards across the Group to help us become an excellent employer. Being an excellent employer will help us attract the right talent, which is an essential part of our growth ambitions
Will AinscoughExecutive Chairman

Putting people first

Our people make us what we are. We are each other’s greatest asset. We are a positive culture that grows talent, supports different lifestyles and shapes futures. And we are better together.


We nurture our positive culture so we can keep growing and developing

Celebrating and rewarding individual and team achievements

Supporting health and wellbeing through dedicated wellbeing committees

Gaining genuine feedback through annual employee engagement surveys

Maintaining a happy work-life balance with a flexible working policy

Developing colleagues through dedicated training programmes


The Employee Net Promoter Score is a measure of how colleagues feel about their employer, based on asking the question, ‘How likely are you to recommend your employer as place to work?’ A score of over 30 is considered excellent.

In 2023 our combined score across all Wain Group companies was 58.

Careers at Wain Group

We welcome talent at all levels as we look to nurture even more careers across our commercial and residential businesses.

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